5 Reasons to Never Hire a Professional Web Designer

Yes, you read that right! There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't hire a professional website designer. Here are our top five reasons why you shouldn't...enjoy:)

1) Quality, Schmality

Who cares if my website goes down a few times a year, I'm okay with that - we have power outages all the time and managed just fine working by candle light.

2) You don't care if your website is mobile-friendly.

The fact that 50% (and growing) of all internet traffic comes from a cell (smart) phone does not interest you. Analog is just fine...thank you very much!

3) Showing up in a Google search does not interest you.

The 76% of consumers using Google to search for a business like yours is not a concern...your interest lies in how the Green Bay Packers' season is shaping up and whether the Chicago Bears Defense will stimy their chances for another Superbowl…spoiler alert - they will;)

4) You like that 'homemade' look and feel.

You want to carry on your mom and pop's tradition and what's wrong with that - right? We've had same business model for more than 100 years and why change that now!

5) You are the best and your competition cannot touch you.

You're simply the best, better than all the rest (thanks Tina for those inspiring words). Your customers would never cheat on you for someone across the street or the town over and certainly not someone in another state - no way, you're simply the best!

So there you have it...our snarky top five reasons not to hire a professional website designer;)