The Importance of Typography in Website Design

The Importance of Typography in Website Design by rSquare A Squarespace Website Design Studio

Why is typography so important?

95% of every website is occupied by content.  Typography is the art of displaying that content!  Content is what brings visitors to a site and content is what keeps visitors on a site, so its necessary that content can be easily understood and perceived by the user.  Here are 5 things to consider involving typography and your sites design:

  • Typography communicates the website’s visual summary

A large part of this message is achieved through typography.  As an emerging trend we are seeing the use of Big, Bold headlines more and more to communicate messages clearly and concisely.  Just a quick glance should be enough to grab your audience's attention or drive them away for good.

  • It carries your brand forward

Can you imagine Coca Cola in another font or color?  That is the power fonts have on brand image.  Brand image is not complete without a complimentary and distinctive font.  

There is no arguing that the logo defines a brand but without a complimentary font your missing half the brand equation.  

In conclusion, a brand is defined by its logo, font and typeface - all of which go hand in hand.

  • Typography guides the readers through your content

You could have the best content but without the right typography your message can get lost in translation.  Starting from the size to it's alignment, the right use of typography is essential to engaging your audience.  Good typography will emphasize your most important content and draw your audience.  It will also define the flow and structure of your site.

So make no mistake typography is a key ingredient to maintain your audience's interest.

  • It can make content look attractive

This does not mean typography can make bad content into good content.  Bad is bad and good, well, is good.  However, choosing the right typography will enhance your content's appearance, drawing in your audience and maintain their interest.

  • When done right, typography maintains the website’s consistency

Internet users are fickle bunch.  Users are inclined to look for familiarity and order when visiting a site.  Hence, your site should have a consistent design.  Inconsistency breeds chaos and chaos breeds frustration for your sites visitors.  The use of good typography tidies up your site and makes it more user friendly.  The experience becomes more enjoyable.

There's no denying it!  Typography is capable of shaping the perception of your website’s visitors and engaging them with your web pages. It can impact your conversion rates and play a major role for effectively communicating with your audience.  You should not obsess with obsession “pretty” content and aesthetics and instead focus on the clever use of typography.  It is by far the most powerful tool in your design arsenal and should be used thoughtfully.