Why Businesses Need a Website

Why Businesses Need a Website

Let's consider the following.  75% of consumers use the internet to shop for local products and services, of those, 70% will use a mobile device to access the internet.  The importance of having a small business website couldn't be clearer.  So, why are more than 40% of all businesses still without a website.  Furthermore, why is it that more than 65% of those businesses that have websites are out of date and not mobile responsive.

To further argue our point; here are some key factors that make it critical that your small business invests in a well-designed website.

  • Your Not Being Found: If you don't have a website you are simply not being found online when someone conducts a search for a product or service. All searches are based on having a web presence and that presence begins and ends with having a credible small business website.

  • Builds Credibility: A website helps to build your businesses' credibility. Whether you own a restaurant, a dental practice or a roofing business - establishing credibility with your audience is key to converting them. Nearly 100% of all consumers conduct research online before making a local purchase.

  • Anchor Your Brick & Mortar: Your website is just as important as your brick and mortar location. The same care should be taken in designing your website as it did to design and layout your retail location. Your small business website is a natural extension of your physical location.

  • Helps You Connect with New Customers: Considering that so many consumers research for local providers online this opens up a whole new channel to discovering and connecting with new customers. Its simple; if you're not online they won't find you.

  • Huge Benefit for Local Businesses: Let's revisit the stat that 75% of consumers use the internet to shop a local product or service (70% of which, will use a mobile device). If this isn't reason enough to begin designing or redesigning (if your site is out of date) your small business website - then we're kinda at a loss for words:)

  • Opens Up New Markets: If you sell a physical product why not consider offering it online? Unlike years prior, setting up and automating your e-commerce business has become easier than ever. There really is no excuse not to add an e-commerce component to your small business.

  • You Are In Control: A small business website is the only digital property that you have full control over. Unlike those business listings services (HomeAdvisor, etc) and social media platforms (Facebook, etc) they have full control of what you can post and how you project your business - you don't have those limitations with your businesses' website.

We think it can be agreed that having a well designed and an updated small business website is essential, if not critical for any local business. With all the options out there today, DIY or for-hire designer; there is no excuse for not having a current small business website.